Ned Kelly's Jerilderie Letter: The JITM Worksite

An electronic edition and collaborative study

Welcome to the JITM Worksite for Ned Kelly's "Jerilderie Letter". Text generated by the system appears in this frame. Navigation and settings are controlled by the left-hand frame and annotations appear in the bottom frame.

The Just In Time Markup (JITM) system generates different customised views - Perspectives - of a transcribed text. As each Perspective is created the system authenticates the underlying transcription file. Facsimile images of the original are provided direct from the State Library of Victoria's website.

The user can select a Perspective from among various options. Alternatively, the Preferred Perspective presents the editor's base transcription with page and line breaks and highlighting (italics, underlining, superscript etc.) applied to it. The user can remove these if required.

To navigate through this edition use the hyperlinks and buttons that will appear in the left-hand frame. Other options such as choice of markup language presentation (e.g. TEI SGML markup) are also available for more advanced users.

This JITM worksite is dynamic. It enables ongoing collaboration. Annotations by Paul Eggert (textual) and John McQuilton (historical) are available. Users can contribute new interpretations: email The creation of different editions based on the same textual materials will be enabled in due course. See JL Note on text.html.

Note: The JITM system requires a web browser that supports frames and that cookies be enabled on your web browser. The cookies used by the system expire at the end of your browser session.

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This page last updated 17-6-2005