Australian Scholarly Editions Centre Projects (ASEC)

Books and Empire: Textual Production, Distribution and Consumption
in Colonial and Postcolonial Countries

Venue: Menzies Common Room, Women’s College, University of Sydney

PROGRAM - Thursday, 30 January 2003
9. 00 am Welcome, Professor James West III, President of SHARP
9.15 am Print Culture and Indigenous Australians (Menzies Common Room) Penny van Toorn, ‘A Book by Any Other Name? Towards a Social History of Indigenous Books in Australia’ Michele Grossman, ‘Entangled subject: textual relations of production in the sphere of Indigenous Australian life-writing’ Anita Heiss, Participating chair/respondent
10.30 am MORNING TEA
11.00 am Keynote Lecture (Menzies Common Room) Trevor Howard-Hill, ‘Instrument of Colonialism: Language, Orthography and Bibliography’ Chair, James West
12 noon Settler Reading Communities (Menzies Common Room) Mary-Jane Edwards, ‘“Books” in the Bush: The Library of the Langtons of Upper Canada’ Lydia Wevers, ‘Reading on the Farm: a Study of the Brancepeth Farm Library’ Chair, Elizabeth Webby
1.00pm LUNCH
2.00pm Print Culture in Aotearoa/New Zealand (Menzies Common Room) Kathleen Coleridge, ‘Governor George Grey Publishes Maori Poetry’ Jane Stafford, ‘Immeasurable Abysses and Living Books: Oral Literature and Victorian Poetics’ John Ross, ‘The Forerunner(Havelock North 1907-19114) as an Exemplar of Regional, Cultural Self-help’ Chair, Lydia Wevers
2.00pm Colonial Publishing in Australia and South Africa (Main Common Room) Elizabeth Morrison, ‘Of Black Sheep, Marked Men and the Metamorphosis of an Australian Colonial Text’ Leonard Koos, ‘Reading and Writing Colonial Women: Representation and Publication in Late Nineteenth Century North Africa> Peter Merrington, ‘J C Juta and Co: Publishing in Nineteenth-Century Cape Town’ Chair, Chris Tiffin
4.00pm Varieties of Colonialism (Menzies Common Room) James McCall, ‘Books and the Nation: Aspects of Publishing and National Identity’ Graham Law, ‘Japan and the Internationalization of the Serial Fiction Market’ Harold Love, ‘Modelling Centre-Periphery Relationships in Book Publication and Information Transfer’ Chair, Paul Eggert
5.30pm DRINKS
Friday, 31 January 2003
9.00 am Publishing in Postcolonial Countries (Main Common Room) Linda Crowl, ‘Comparing colonial and postcolonial publishing in the Pacific Islands’ Noel Waite, ‘See. Hear: Print Culture in Otago’ Chair, Craig Munro
9.00 am Books and Readers (Menzies Common Room) John Arnold, ‘ Sun Books TBA’ David Carter, ‘Book Culture and the Institutions of Middlebrow Taste in Australia’ Pat Buckridge,‘The Dynamics of Personal Library Formation’ Chair, Bill Bell
11.00am Links between Britain and Australia (Menzies Common Room) Paul Eggert, ‘The Power of Colonial Booksellers and the Three-Volume Novel’ Amanda Lawson, ‘The Collaborative Writing Practice of Rosa Praed’ Chris Tiffin, ‘The Queenslander and Literary Brisbane’ Participating Chair, Wallace Kirsop
11.00am Aspects of Australian Publishing (Main Common Room) Jessica Raschke, ‘Multiculturalism, Whiteness and Australian Publishing’ Diane Brown, ‘Colonising Culture: Book Publishing and Commissioning History’ Louise Poland, ‘Bold Type: Women as Publishers in Australia’ Sonia Mycak, ‘A multicultural literary system explored: the literary culture of post-war “New Australians”’ Chair, John Arnold
1.00pm LUNCH
2.00pm Travel and Exploration (Menzies Common Room) Joel Myerson, ‘The Empire of the World Wide Web: The Scholar-Collector in the Electronic Age”’ Kerry Ann Heckenberg, ‘The Nineteenth-century Australian Inland Exploration Journal and Pleasurable Instruction’ Greta Little, ‘The Exotic and the Chaotic: Images fromThe Arabian Nights’ Chair, Mary-Jane Edwards
2.00pm Colonial Print Cultures (Main Common Room) V Bharathi, ‘Tamil Print Media as a Signifier of Colonial Society, Culture and History’ Evelyn Ellerman, ‘Establishing the Pre-Conditions for Literature in Colonial Papua’ Chair, Penny Van Toorn
4.00pm Readers and Reading (Menzies Common Room) Mark Williams, ‘What Katherine Mansfield Read in New Zealand’ Valerie Letcher, ‘Keeping the Colonies in Mind’ Nirmolini Flora, ‘Libraries in the Hill Stations of British Northern India’ Chair, Pat Buckridge
4.00pm Questions of Censorship (Main Common Room) Nicole Moore, ‘An Australian Obscene? The Nature of Australian Literary Obscenity’ Caroline Jones, ‘Unfortunate Omission: Editing Women out of the Anzac Legend’ John Gouws, ‘Deneys Reitz and Imperial Co-option’ Chair, David Carter
5.30pm DRINKS
Saturday, 1 February 2003
9.00am History of the Book in Australia, Volume 3 (Menzies Common Room) Craig Munro, ‘An Oral History of the Australian Book Trade’ Robyn Sheahan-Bright, ‘Soft Soap? The Marketing of Children's Books as Products in Australia’ Dick Spennemann, ‘"Solitary amongst a crowd": Books and Empire at "The Beach", Samoa’ Chair, Di Brown
9.00am Francophone Print Cultures (Main Common Room) Marie-Paul Ha, ‘Colonising Through French Language Text Books in French Indochina’ Anita Callaway, ‘Around the World in Words and Pictures’ David Culpin, ‘The French Book in South Australia: Perceptions of 17th and 18th century French Culture’ Chair, Harold Love
11.00am Keynote Lecture Peter Shillingsburg, ‘The Role of Ignorance in Literary Studies’ Chair, Paul Eggert
12 noon Colonial Readers Bill Bell, ‘Imagining the Colonial Reader’ Tim Dolin, ‘Imperial Culture and Australian Identity: English Literature in the Reading Lives of Working People, 1888-1918’ Chair, Martyn Lyons
2pm Book Selling and Distribution (Menzies Common Room) Keith Adkins, ‘Orger and Meryon: Booksellers to the Colonies’ Denis Cryle, ‘Gordon and Gotch from the 1940s to the present: a case study in distribution and integration’ Ted Mack, ‘Marketing Japanese Classics in its 1930s Colonies’ Chair, Elizabeth Morrison
2pm Colonial Print Cultures (Main Common Room) Sydney Shep, ‘Bread, Cheese and Writing Paper: Mapping Colonial Survival Strategies in Rural New Zealand, 1880-1925’ Nathan Garvey, ‘The Baileys, Barrington and Botany Bay’ Dorothy Collin, ‘The Aesthetics of Jobbing Printing in Western Australia’ Chair, Elizabeth Webby
4.00pm Panel Discussion: ‘Book History: Pasts and Futures’ James West III, Elizabeth Webby, Simone Murray, Wallace Kirsop Chair, Paul Eggert
7.00pm CONFERENCE DINNER, at Thai Pothong Restaurant, 294 King Street, Newtown NSW

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