Australian Scholarly Editions Centre Projects (ASEC)

Papers about ASEC's Just In Time Markup (JITM) system (1999 - 2005)

Just In Time Markup(JITM) is an innovative system used for creating different 'perspectives' of electronic texts. It supports conflicting logical and theoretical interpretations of the authenticated transcriptions of the original source documents while allowing for the continual development of additional editorial material for the electronic 'study' of the work without risking the authenticity of the transcriptions.

The JITM system was developed and used as part of the Authenticated Electronic Editions Project, an ARC SPIRT grant funded project based at the Australian Scholarly Editions Centre(ASEC). The ASEC is based at the University College, ADFA (UNSW Canberra) but is made up of a collaborative team of academics across the country including Dr. Graham Barwell at University of Wollongong and Dr. Chris Tiffin at the University of Queensland who were co-researchers for the SPIRT grant.

Publication Description
Just In Time Markup for Electronic Editions For a brief introduction to the JITM system read the paper at left. It was presented by Phillip Berrie at the Apple University Consortium Conference in Wollongong Australia in April 2000.
THE PROBLEMS WITH E-TEXTS For a more recent introduction to the system, which includes information on our refinements and developments, please read the paper at left. It was a presentation to staff at the National Library of Australia, 21 June 2005 by Paul Eggert and Phill Berrie.
Are Electronic Editions Inherently Obsolete? For further discussion on the benefits of stand-off markup systems like JITM for the long-term archival properties of electronic texts please read the paper at left by Phillip Berrie, which was presented at the Computing Arts 2001 conference in Sydney Australia in September 2001.
Issues in Electronic Scholarly Editions: Has Hypertext Made An Honest Woman of Us at Last? For papers which concentrate more on the editorial theory reasoning behind the need for a system like Just In Time Markup, view the papers at left presented by team members. The first paper was presented by Chris Tiffin at the Computing Arts 2001 conference mentioned above.
Authenticated Electronic Editions Project The second paper was an invited paper given by Paul Eggert and Phill Berrie at a seminar held by the Institute for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities (IATH) at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA in February 2002.
AEEP Progress Report The third paper was presented on behalf of the team by Dr. Graham Barwell at the Computing Arts 2001 conference in Sydney in 2001. It was published in the proceedings, Computing Arts Digital Resources for Research in the Humanities, ed. Creagh Cole and Hugh Craig (University of Sydney, 2003), PP. 114-122.
Just In Time Markup for Electronic Editions The JITM paradigm was originally conceived by Phillip Berrie as the subject of a major project for a Masters of Information Science Degree at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

If you are interested in looking at the JITM system in action please click the link: JITM Site for His Natural Life

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